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Water treatment using the cavitation effect.

S. A. Melnikov, eng. (DonNTU)

V. L. Debelyy, Cand.Sc. (SOJSC “Trust “Donetskshakhtostroymontazh”)

Ecologists refer to many engineering procedures’ factors destroying nature. But they agree in their opinion that the most negative exposure of engineering procedures affects the water resources of our planet. Lack of drinking water is registered in all regions of the world, includingUkraine. It is known that over 1 billion people (about one fifth part of the earth population) suffer from lack of water.


V. L. Debelyy, Cand.Sc.

L. L. Debelyy, eng.

(PrJSC PCF “Amplituda”)

PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” together with SOJSC “NIPIugleavtomatizatsiya” worked out a speed gauge SR used for measurement of driving speed of mine electric locomotives and trail (provided by GOST 12.2.112 Standards system of labor safety. “Mine electric locomotive transport. General safety requirements to rolling equipment” and “Temporary safety requirements to main mining transport equipment for coal and shale mines”). The speed gauge is designed for installation both at accumulator, and at trolley locomotives.


V. L. Debelyy,

Chairman of Board of Directors,

Ye. M. Gimon,

Director ofDonetsk

 Electromechanical Plant

(SOJSC “Trust


Donetsk Electromechanical Plant is an important structural subdivision of “Donetskshakhtostroymontazh”, which significantly raises potential of the trust and enables to increase scope of construction and installation activities owing to production of different metal frameworks, non-standard equipment and other products required for construction directorate. In particular, the electrical facilities, high voltage units, main distribution units, power cabinets, busbar bridges, metal frameworks, pipe fittings, expansion devices, support chairs etc. are manufactured.

The Dissertation- Scientific and technical modernization of locomotives and mining coal.

Общая характеристика работы

Диссертация содержит краткое изложение, теоретическое обоснование, анализ полученных и опубликованных автором в течение 2002-2008 годов результатов решения научной и общегосударственной проблемы по обеспечению профилактики аварий и травматизма, научное обеспечение безопасности работ, охране труда и здоровья шахтеров на шахтном транспорте угольных предприятий Украины, на основе разработки и внедрения в эксплуатацию серийно выпускаемого ЗАО ПКФ «Амплитуда» электровоза нового технического уровня АРП8Т-900.

Mine electric locomotive АRP8Т

Coal ofUkraineno.8 2004 page 46-47

V. L. Debelyy, S. V. Moroz,


At the exhibition “Coal/Mining2002”the PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” represented the electric locomotive АRP8Т worked out in association with Research and Design Institute of coal automation and  SKV “Elektromashyna”. The electric locomotive is equipped with transistor no-contact control system and has significant advantages compared to the existing models. At that moment the electric locomotive had passed all bench and trial tests under conditions of Torez mine “Progress” and everything was ready for its production. However, having studied experience of other companies, when high performance mining equipment in mine conditions did not provide required performance and needed serious updating it was decided to continue testing in different conditions.


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